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Our locally produced respirators are designed to protect in challenging environments. The masks are easy to breathe in and are designed to protect healthcare and industrial per- sonnel against infection and harmful particles.

The masks are designed and 
manufactured in Sweden with the majority of input goods manufactured in Europe. All masks are regularly certified against the EN 149 standard according to current regulations for personal protective equipment.

Suitable users are

The masks are particularly suitable for professions (e.g. healthcare, emergency services and risk groups with special protection needs) that need reliable protection against infec- tions and harmful particles.

Complete and secure protection
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Choose the breathing mask that gives you the required protection.

Correctly applied, the respirator closes tightly against the face. The wearer adapts the built-in metal nose bridge ac- cording to the instructions for use and thus ensures minimal leakage of aerosols and particles.

The respirator filters out bacteria and viruses from both inhaled and exhaled air. The user is protected from inhala- tion of infection in the form of droplets and aerosols and particles. The environment is also protected from harmful particles in the user’s exhaled air.

We call it two-way protection