using the mask


This mask is classified as a filtering half mask to protect against 
COVID-19 and it is tested according to PPE-R/02.075.

It is well suited for those professions that need reliable protection against infection from the new corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

Download the instructions here:
English instructions
Swedish instructions

Suitable users are

  • Occupational categories in health care.
  • Emergency services personnel.
  • Risk groups with protection needs.

These respirators can be used in public by those who want to protect themselves and others against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Complete and secure protection
applications and branches

The MM-HM-201 filters out at least 98% of airborne particles, such as SARS-CoV-2.

The respirator fits close long the cheeks and under the chin. The wearer forms a built-in metal nose bridge thereby securing an air seal. When worn properly the air leakage is minimal.

The respirator filters out bacteria and viruses both from the air inhaled and exhaled. The user is protected from inhaling infection in the form of droplets and aerosol. The environment is also protected from the user´s exhaled air.

We call it 2-way protection.